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This is a great game to play with family and friends. Simple and effective. This cartridge game seems to be sold out but for owners of the kun-fu flash, it is possible to record the evolution of the games. Thanks to the authors of this little gem.

I have the physical edition. Love the game. But on level 4 of the second world the screen is all garbled. Any idea what might cause this?

Good game!!! Good work!!

I bought the physical copy of this game. During the last 3 days I played it a lot together with my wife. Really enjoyed the game. So cute. Not too hard and not too easy. Maybe the next Version with a 2 player mode?

Is the a way to reset the cartridge to start over again?

Yes: press fire button while booting your c64, then release it. It will bring up a menu to erase your progress

Thank You!

Awesome game - cool graphics, very nice atmosphere, and the puzzles have the exact right level of difficulty!

thanks a lot, and glad you noticed.

A lot of time went into tuning the difficulty curve :)

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I am playing the game on a Ultimate 1541-II using the easy flash cartridge. Is it possible to save progress somehow? I don’t want to start from the beginning all the time.

you have to disable cartriges and Ultimate Audio before starting the game and then you can save the progress using the F5 menu option "Save Easyflash".

Remember that save happens only when you exit a game and go back to the main menu, so the above procedure should be done after that.


I will test that! Thanks!

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A very cute game with splendid graphics, music and sound effects. Great game play also. Well done :)

Thanks a lot Richard! Means a lot coming from you.

Enjoy Boxymoxy!

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I was looking forward to this game. It's very kind to offer it for free, I still sent you some buckazoids. I would feel bad to get such a beautiful game for free. ;)


Thank you very much for your kind words and the buckazoids, which go to charity. 

Enjoy Boxymoxy!